10 Warning Signs of AD


  1. Recent memory loss that affects job performance. Forgetting assignments, names and phone numbers and not remembering them later.
  2. Difficulty performing familiar tasks. Forgetting all the steps necessary to complete a simple task, such as setting the table.
  3. Problems with language. Forgetting simple words and using familiar words inappropriately.
  4. Disorientation of time and place. Becoming confused in familiar surroundings.
  5. Poor or decreased judgment. Forgetting entirely a child under one’s care, wearing several shirts or blouses.
  6. Problems with abstract thinking. Difficulty in calculating numbers, handling money, thinking conceptually.
  7. Misplacing things. Placing items in inappropriate places such as an iron in the freezer and then being unable to retrieve them.
  8. Changes in mood or behaviour. Rapid, unexplained mood swings.
  9. Changes in personality. Drastic changes in character, becoming confused, suspicious or fearful.
  10. Loss of initiative. Becoming passive or reluctant to get involved in activities.

It’s important to understand the early warning signs of Alzheimer’s and to seek a medical diagnosis if several symptoms are noticed. Often, it is a family member or close associate who first notices a change in the behaviour or mood of a loved one: these people are instrumental in helping the person to get medical care.