Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease



  1. Inability to perform physical tasks such as dressing, eating (Apraxia)
  2. Loss of ability in comprehension of spoken or written language (Aphasia)
  3. Delusions
  4. Easily lost and confused
  5. Inability to learn new mental tasks
  6. Loss of judgment, reason, and cognitive abilities
  7. Loss of inhibitions and belligerence
  8. Social withdrawal
  9. Visual hallucinations

In end-stage Alzheimer’s disease, patients may become bedridden and need help with eating and getting out of bed to use the bathroom. Patients also may experience convulsions and seizures and may become incontinent.

It’s all right if you forget…….

Whether it is Monday or Wednesday
Why you went to the next room,
Where you left your keys.

It’s not all right if you forget……

That you have already had breakfast and ask for it again,
How to make a telephone call,
How to find your way around your home…
The names of your spouse or children,
Whether it is summer or winter